Monday, April 09, 2012

The Process: As Above, So Below

This is a map of the intensity and resources and energy necessary to make even small changes in the world.  The Alchemy of Spirit, the challenge of bringing desire into reality. Viewing this piece finished was when I realized all the changes that I was making in my world were changing me, permanently.

Some parts of this piece, I view as indicators of where my life process is off, where things needed to be fixed.  If it blows up every time you run energy through, then it is time for an upgrade.  This is also in January, about the time the intensity backed off far enough for me to breathe and reflect on what I'd been through since October 2011.  I wish I could say this was it for the radical changes, but Pluto in Capricorn isn't done with me for twelve more years.

Recommended Listening:
This Morn' Omina
One-Eyed Man
from 7 Years of Famine

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Loving the powerful arms and legs of this figure. This whole piece really communicates very effectively the intensity and overall environment of change and reorganization. Also, I've really been enjoying your choice of colors lately.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks on the colors. I've been trying really hard to push every piece a little further than the ones just before it so that each piece steps up the game a bit. Sometimes, like in this one, it goes there and succeeds.

Initially my reaction to this piece was similar to Baphomet because of the "dirty" texture of the colors, but looking back, I feel the pieces are much stronger for it.

These two pieces are definitely a taste of things to come. I just hope I can maintain it and not have to pay for it in blood every time.

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