Friday, May 25, 2012

Devil's Head IV: It Swims in Blood

It emerges from beneath red tides, parting the crimson mist.  It moves with a singular purpose, yet robotic. It lumbers past and into darkness, its muscled arms creak like leather pulled too tight.  Its breathing is ragged and wet, fading into the distance with each thud of its monstrous feet.

This piece was kind of an after thought once the other pieces in this set were finished.  I almost didn't include it in this set, but it was created from that same source material.

Recommended Listening:
Black Seas of Infinity
The Wordless Aeon Has Awakened
from The Wordless Aeon Has Awakened

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Sorry I haven't commented on this earlier but the new site has been an obsession of late.

Anyhow, this one freaks my mind. The sunglasses make me think this is some sort of terrible, demon pig-cop about to disembowel me for making a wide left turn. You really have a knack for layering and images inside of images. Very effective.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I didn't see the demon pig cop - eep. Thanks for the nightmares. :-)

I think the layering may be new modus operandi. I find myself trying to create these ambiguous ambivalent pieces that require the viewer to bring their own stuff to the table. Sure, there are easter eggs I've hidden within each piece, but with this one for example - I had totally stopped seeing the sunglasses. I was focused on that blood red hungry mouth.

I've been so knee deep in my own BS I need to get over and cruise around fuzzy skeletonian some more. :-) Thanks for stopping by though, always a pleasure.

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