Friday, June 15, 2012

At the Crossroads of Doubt

At the crossroads of doubt,
even our most staunch truths abandon us.
We are wrapped in darkness,
lost to to wit and to reason.
The feel of our hands is confused, one to the other,
our own flesh in the darkness become a lie,
some murky beast come to torture.
Everything rings true
Everything stinks of lies
Everything cries out
Signal or Devil?
Signal or
or -

Recommended Listening:
from Sopere Aude

Truly the essence of Saturn in Libra.  Also see the card for the 3 of Swords from the Thoth Tarot deck.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}


Gabriel said...

Pretty cool reflection on doubt.

Real Queen of Horror said...

That's an awesome picture!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks Gabriel & Real Queen. I had a tough situation at the beginning of the month that had me in knots for over week. All that fed into this piece.

[Retro-Zombie] said...

works on all levels... nice job!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank Retro-Zombie! This one seems to becoming a fast favorite. :-)

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