Wednesday, July 04, 2012

From the Archives: Leaden Thoughts

The Battle versus one's own negative tendencies is the hardest.  I had a vision of these lead domino shapes covered with strange runes and symbols.  Their coloration was also reminiscent of the Five of Disks from the Crowley Tarot Deck.  They fell from the sky and turned the ground to lava wherever they crashed.  They had more than a passing similarity to the rune columns from a dream I had, but instead of emitting light, these sank into the earth and turned it to lava.  This piece was created around the same time frame as Moon Cocoon, with the same aim towards integrating Sharpie and Prismacolor.

Only three years after my suicide attempt, I was encountering challenging situations that mirrored the time just before my attempt.  The great worry fell in upon me again.  This time, however, the situation had a different outcome.  Despite, my doubts and calamities, I was focused on the future of my life.

Recommended Listening:
Black Capricorn
10000 Tons of Lava
from Black Capricorn

{Sharpie and Berol Prismacolor Pencils}


Vincent said...

The face looks like it could be carved from wood. Love the glow in the eye paired with the glow on the horizon.

Jesse W. Campbell said...


I've always had a thing for profiles. Part of this was me trying to get my Sharpie style and my Prismacolor pencil style to mesh. I felt like I never quite succeeded. Today they are fairly separate.

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