Monday, July 30, 2012

In the Pools of Fevered Disappointment, He Waits

I find this piece a little difficult to write about.  I am observing an exterior structure becoming transparent, revealing a previously hidden intent.  Chaos and Toxicity, that's all I have right now.

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{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

I've really been enjoying your output since Orgone. Sorry I haven't commented more. My time has been full lately and has resulted in only enough time to "glance and go" so to speak.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

No need to apologize man. It's been a month plus and I am JUST getting to my comments here. I've been pretty down since about the middle of July. Things just haven't gone my way. It feels like it has begun to lift, but only ever so slowly. Still kind of feel like I'm encased in amber. So I feel ya on the not commenting more, I think I owe you like a bajillion comments.

Thanks on the output since Orgone. I think I broke through on something during all that. Now if I can just keep it up...