Monday, July 02, 2012

Self Examination and Ego Dislocation

Here we have a Systematic Ego Deconstruction. This is where the Sword of Discrimination comes in to help strip away layers of self delusion a.k.a. the ego.  There is no blade so harsh and exacting as the one welded by your own hand.  Swords and self examination, apropos during the current Neptune Retrograde.  Interesting that one of the major myths of the west, that of the King, Arthur, involves such a sword emerging from a body of water.  Indeed, all swords must be tempered before they are complete.  Curiouser and Curiouser.

On a more positive note, perhaps this piece illustrates the ego recognized and actualized as a constructed artifice, and structured to facilitate it's eventual dislocation for consciousness expansion, adjustment, and repair.  During such subtle and delicate procedures, it is necessary to set the ego to one side, to anesthetize the part of yourself that is going to freak out when your belly is cut open on the operating table. Drunkards speak the truth of their hearts when inebriated because their egos have been anesthetized.
The ego must occasionally be set aside in such a fashion to gain access to the portions of the personality structure that require adjustment or repair.  In such a situational structure, the inebriated have the opportunity to become both patient and surgeon.  I am in no way suggesting alcoholism as a method of therapy, but perhaps their is a middle ground for the use of altering substances to allow mental expansion, education, and evolution.

Recommended Listening:
Cocteau Twins
from Head Over Heels

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