Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Featured Creature: The Melting Man or Every Time is the First Time

Here we have a face of sorrow and grief swallowed up by darkness.  I've begun playing with the Featured Creatures in Photoshop immediately after scanning them.  The greyscale tones bring such a depth to the creatures I cannot resist.  I am definitely going to continue this process.  Thanks Vincent!

With the first iteration, I felt like the tones added some depth to it, but not enough to my liking.  I had wanted to add ripples as though the darkness were a vast body of liquid, but every ripple I added took away from the darkness itself.  I kept playing in Photoshop and ended up with the last image, a wall of sorrow.

My first thought after completing the last version was that it looked like the interior wall of some horrible well.  Perhaps we're seeing a bit of the architecture of hell.  The final iteration reminds me much of the Night in the  Forest of Blue Gates piece I did last year.

Please let me know if you enjoy seeing all the different versions of the creatures or if you'd prefer to see only the one finished piece.  I know I can blather on about process and nibble the details to death.  Let me know what you think!

{Sharpie with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

You're quite welcome!

Personally, I've been enjoying seeing the steps of the Featured Creatures. Being able to arrow through the images and see the progression has been fun. This one in particular is my favorite so far. Tiling the image into a moaning wall of anguish was a brilliant stroke. Great nightmare fuel!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I like the flip through progression as well. It adds a weird element of time to the pieces. As with the Devil's Head, I enjoy seeing the drawing moving into a more solid reality.

I'm having a blast taking the Featured Creatures to the next level. My original thought was just to post the sketches, but in adding the tones it is turning into something much more exciting. I would have just left this image alone, but pushing that extra bit has created the wonderful horrible wall of anguish. I wonder if they drool? -(shoulder shiver)- uuuaah.

Vincent said...

OF COURSE they drool. Walls 20 feet high and as long as the eye can see, slick and sticky from every tube of K-Y the special effects department could get their hands on! And screams. So many screams.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

GREAT! LOL Now I'm never going to get to sleep! We'll sample the entire cast and crew screaming and mix them all in post production: Chorus of the Damned.

K-Y: All I can think about now is that scene in The Thing where they do the autopsy on the burned pile they found at the Norwegian camp. I swear I smell burnt flesh and hair every time I watch that scene. yeeesh.

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