Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Featured Creature: Satyr's Head

I've been feeling lately that I haven't been spending nearly enough time drawing by hand and I've been fearful of losing my drawing chops (as it were).  Beginning this week and hereafter, I will be posting a new sketch of some dark creature or other.  Satyrs, Ghosts, Zombies, Demons, you name it.  They will all be crawling out of the recesses of my mind to haunt and frighten. All will be hand drawn with pencil, pen, and sharpie.  By the end of it all I hope to post a veritable army of monsters.  Welcome to my first Featured Creature!

This week we have the head of a dark grizzled satyr.  This was one of the first sketches I did using a Uni-ball Vision Elite pen.  I was amazed at how crisp the lines came out and the ink dried very quickly, so there were no smudging issues.  This is great when you want to get lost in your crosshatching.  Sometimes the pen does dig a little into the paper, but as you can see that doesn't affect the reproduction value of the image and I really cannot get enough of those fine crisp lines!  I added the grey tone in photoshop post scanning.  I felt like the image was getting lost in a sea of white.  Enjoi!

{Sharpie and Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen, tone added in Adobe Photoshop}

UPDATE 10.03.12:

With all the other Featured Creatures getting a tonal treatment in Photoshop, I felt like the very first post was getting left out, so I gave it a fresh coat of grey effects.  Hope you like!


Vincent said...

Love the fresh hand-drawn content! Nothing quite like crisp black lines on white paper, I know the feeling well : )

[Retro-Zombie] said...

you never lose the gift, it's the wobbles you will get from not using it... like riding a bike 20 years later...

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks for commenting guys!

Vincent - Yes on the crisp black lines! Thanks Mom, My Favorite! I think that may be why I don't care for a lot of current comic book art. The pencils are almost incidental to the coloring. I enjoy what complex black and white forces your eyes to do.

Retro - I was surprised once I got into it, how quickly things sped up. It's just making sure I'm devoting time.

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