Thursday, October 04, 2012

Featured Creature: Crawling Zombie

This piece focuses on one of things that freaks me about zombies, other than the crawling-around-with-no-legs part.  Unlike many others denizens of horror, zombies can be out in the daylight.  They don't care about day or night, legs or no legs, they are only focused on the 24 hour diner called YOU.  Yeesh!  Watch your ankles.

This is where I reveal the second half of my evil plan for the Featured Creature.  I've noticed for a long while that for a blog called Zombie Bites, I have a conspicuous lack of zombies.  This has worried me for some time, but I have been feverishly working my way towards this very moment.

Within the weekly Featured Creature, I hope to bring you many more zombies so that eventually my blog will be crawling with a veritable army of the dead.  As with any zombie outbreak, you really only need one to get the infection ball rolling.  I guess that makes this infection day one!

{Sharpie and Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Dang. It's amazing what few grey tones can do. So subtle yet such a dramatic change between the two.

Rich said...

Hey, nice pics and website you have here.

Those crawler zombies are some of the worst. What's really scary about them is the fact that they catch you by surprise.

I can't recall the movie but I remember one legless zombie swinging along some piping in an underground carpark before dropping on some guy and ripping into him. It may have been the modern day of the dead where the zombies are ridiculously fast! Scary stuff!

I have a zombie blog too, but it is based on zombie stories.


Jesse W. Campbell said...

Vincent - Thanks! I actually had a bit of trouble with the tones on this one. This was my third try. They all kept looking very flat. It wasn't until I tried to simulate noonday haze by putting a layer of transparent white over the whole thing that it finally made any visual sense.

This is also the most complex of the Featured Creatures so far in terms of fore/middle/back ground. A lot more to deal with in this one. Fun stuff though...couldn't stop the tones now if I wanted. :-) Thanks again

Rich - Thanks! I hope you enjoy what you're seeing here. Always nice meet another Zombie lover! I find the crawlers especially worrisome. To me they are pretty much another version of the thing under the bed that will grab your ankles. eep.

I think the swinging zombie was from the remake of Dawn of the Dead. One of my favorite Zombie flicks to date.

I tend to prefer the slower shambling Zombies, but the mood of that film was so spot on for me I didn't mind the fastness. I guess I'm hoping for the slow ones, because I'm a chunky guy with a breathing issue. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, if they are fast...I'm screwed. LOL At least with the slow ones, I'd have a chance, sort of.

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