Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From the Archives: Emptiness

A creepy sharpie sketch from some time ago.  This was a developmental sketch for a painting.  After scanning the image, I did a little tweaking around the edges in Photoshop to cover up the white.  The white made the cloaked figure a little hard to see.  I was trying to achieve a subtle ambiguity with the darkly cloaked figure in night darkness. Where does the shadow begin and the figure end?  It still needs more work, but a solid idea.

I was also trying to intimate the worst possibility of all: that there is no physical entity inside the cloak.  eep.  I'll try again on this one eventually.  I'm a big fan of the haunted cloak.  I actually prefer this concept more in the Gates of the 14th Aethyr image from this time last year.

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