Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fuzzy Skeletonians in my Closet: A Summer Commission

I've been meaning to post this for literally months and plans have just not turned out in any corner of my life, but finally here we are... 

This summer, just before things went completely mad in my corner of the world, I commissioned a drawing from Vincent over at Fuzzy Skeletonian.  I'm a big fan of Vincent's work and style and wanted to show my support by commissioning a piece.  When the package arrived I was treated to an added bonus of two extra fuzzy skeletonians on the cardboard packaging.  That's them in hanging in my closet with my other skeletons, they all keep me humble when I'm getting dressed by screaming and laughing at me.  :-P 

My request was a bit specific and explicit, but Vincent was nice enough to work with me. Just to give you a bit of a heads up for those that might be offended by such things, the content that follows the break is more sexually explicit than my regular fare.  Be warned.

In my studio, here is the commission hanging near my desk.  I'm also including a full scan so you can see the wonderful detail.  Check out Vincent's Post on the commission and the developmental sketches that he sent. 

Vincent worked with me on pricing and turnaround and got the drawing to me very quickly despite my financial constraints.  At the time I was having a major issue with Paypal and Vincent was very patient.  Regardless, the Fuzzy Skeletonian cock has a happy home in my studio now and the cardboard skellies are hanging out with all the other skeletons in my closet.  Thanks for your excellent work Vincent!  Be sure to check out Vincent's work at Fuzzy Skeletonian!


Vincent said...

No, thank YOU for challenging me to a commission! I must say it was a real eye-opener to go through the process and realize what it means to create work for someone else besides myself.

And glad to see the bonus skellies found a home with the rest of your closet denizens. Maybe that's one of the true purposes of a Fuzzy Skeletonian, to keep one's ego in check. Nothing worse than letting that thing get out of control!

Hey, thanks for the post and the praise : ) And hopefully things will get less crazy once the holidays are over.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

My pleasure on the post and praise. I really have been meaning to get this up since I got the drawing, but things haven't really stopped exploding since August.

I enjoy having all my closet skeletons out where I can see them. Nothing worse than the undead crawling up out of the dirt in the back yard at inopportune times. That and I enjoy having a closet full of skeletons to show to people meeting me for the first time. Heh Heh.

Thanks for the less crazy. That is what I am hoping for as well, despite what my horoscope says. :-)

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