Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Last Bites of 2012 Part I: Janus Tunnel

I find myself in a strange emotional space as 2012 winds down to a close.  This past year has been incredibly turbulent and in many ways disheartening, but as I look across the work I created during this year, I feel uplifted.  If anything else fell to the wayside or was destroyed by the chaotic forces unleashed in 2012, at least this body of work came through me.  This year has tested me in ways I never imagined possible, but at least amidst the waves of tumult, I managed to keep the art flowing.

In the past when calamity has come my way, my creativity has been one of the first things to be disrupted and blocked, but I made a vow to myself when I began revitalizing Zombie Bites in 2011 that I would do my best to keep this artwork flowing.  It is truly my life's blood. I also feel that if I hadn't had my artwork to pour my thoughts and feelings through, this past year may have very well killed me.

The artworks I've created over the past year and half I feel are the my most honest artistic expressions in my life.  Everything before now feels like prologue.  I can only hope that whatever waves of change that are headed my way in 2013, the universe will allow me to continue this level of work.

Below are some highlights of the artwork I've posted to Zombie Bites over the 2012 year.  Each image links to the weekly archive of its posting, to the series it was a part of, or to the topic it was posted under.  I'll post more Last Bites tomorrow with highlights from the second half of 2012.  I hope you enjoy!

Continued in 

The Last Bites of 2012 Part II: The King Beneath the Soil

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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