Friday, February 24, 2012

Absence Roller Coaster

I would like to extend apologies for my absence.  This past month has been an escalating roller coaster of stress and grief.  My finances took a deadly nose dive mid-January and have have only just now reemerged thanks to the timely arrival of my tax returns.  Special thanks also to my friends Kevin and Vinnie, without whom I would not have eaten or had a roof over my head during this time.  The saddest portion of my news is that my long time furry friend Miss T. suffered from toxic kidney failure last week and I chose to end her suffering.  It's been a hatefully rough month.  I'll get back on track as soon as I can, but as it stands I'm taking some time to myself to lick my wounds and try to get my head back on straight.  See you soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mandala Cross of the Mothmen

Once again a mandala has found its way over from Trail of Breadcrumbs.  This one isn't so much gruesome as the last one, but it's dark air of mystery was what felt more appropriate to Zombie Bites...that and the Mothmen.

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