Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Featured Creature: Lover's Tongue

From Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils:

"Approximately three to four feet in length, the Erasti el Isnan, or Lover's Tongue, are considered one of the lesser Chimera.  In Die Tür Des Bösen, this creature is referred to also as one of the Hungry, a class of cruel rapacious demons that manipulate bodily appetites.  Reputed as petty demons of sexual obsession and jealousy, Erasti are often considered more pests than an actual demonic threat.  Erasmus Möller's account of his encounter with the Arch Duke Grahtennas, gives an indication of the Erasti el Isnan as pets of the greater demons due to the delicate erotic pain of their stings.

If you discover only one or two Erasti present, burning sage or performing a basic banishing ritual will rid the local area of them.  However, a nest of these creatures can cause a great deal of trouble if left unbounded.  If there is a nest with a sizable population, stronger methods of banishing are required.  At the very least, one should perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram everyday for a month in the area where the Erasti are nesting.  You should also burn sage and dragon's blood daily.  Erasti avoid mirrors and if confronted with one they will attempt to break the reflective surface or flee the scene.  

Much like actual snakes, these chimera tend to nest in crevices, cracks, caves, or any place they can curl up unperturbed.  They will however try to remain as near as possible to the source or their nourishment: the jealous or obsessed person who summoned them to begin with.  Unfortunately, those that have an infestation of Erasti, due to their emotional dysphoria, often do not recognize the problem until it has become emergent and dangerous.

The sting of an Erasti causes the afflicted skin to swell slightly and turn dark purple and bluish with bruising.  The pain and duration is often no more than that of a bee sting, but successive attacks from a horde of Erasti can be lethal.  If you should get stung or bitten by one of these beasties, I recommend gently washing the wound in milk and rosemary.  Goat's milk is preferred if you can get it, but if you can't, washing twice in cow's milk should do the trick.  This will clean out the mystical infection, but I would also take some form of antihistamine to help with the physical side effects.  I recommend burning some rosemary as an incense as well to help with the cleansing."

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