Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Featured Creature: Priest of the Eye

The following is a translation from Die Tür Des Bösen:

"The Svyash Chenniksglaza, or the Priests of the Eye, are an ancient fanatical sect of devotees to The Great Devourer, Mihreshibal.  As young men, the priests dedicate the entirety of their existence to the service of their master.  They undergo great personal mutilation to become initiated into the cult of the Devourer.  The priests sacrifice their physical vision as an offering to their master during their initiation by having their eyes burned out with a heated iron.  There are unsubstantiated rumors of other, greater mutilations, yet it is also claimed that their vision is replaced with the greater sight of their lord.

The Svyash Chenniksglaza act as agents of Mihreshibal on earth and are consummate and dangerous sorcerers.  Records correlate their incidence with storms, drought, famine, and pestilence.  One of the first recorded appearances of the priests link them with the first outbreak of the Black Death.  The priests have no intent other than the will of their lord and cannot be reasoned with.  Often they enslave underlings or use fellow cult members to protect themselves when they are about their master's business.

So feared are these priests that often an attempt will be made to kill them on sight, but those attempts often resolve in the painful deaths of the attackers.  Those that have seen the priests say that these blind men will not harass others unless they themselves are confronted, but be sure in the knowledge that their masters business is often bloody and lethal to the local populous whenever his minions appear."

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