Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Featured Creature: Connection

In the dream, the room was dark.  I kept mumbling a phrase I did not understand.  My voice was strange, garbled and echoing.  I felt like I was dancing.  I raised my arms and returned them to my sides several times.

At one point, my hand hit the ceiling.  It was paper thin and my motion ripped a hole in it.  Liquid light poured through and down my arm.  It tingled.  I reached up again and tugged at the edges of the hole, pulling it open further and sending a shower of the liquid light pouring on top of me.  It cascaded down, covering me and causing my skin to spasm.  I looked down, my legs had fused together.  I looked at my hand.  My fingers had melded as well.  As the light poured over my head and face, I panicked.  Jerking and spasming, I couldn't escape the onslaught because my feet had merged into the floor.  I felt my body give uncomfortably.  Something shifted inside me that should not.  The pain was incredible.

Suddenly I was outside of myself, watching my body from somewhere within the room.  My body was melting under the sheen of the liquid light.  It convulsed and throbbed and shifted.  It was becoming monstrous.  I tried to look away but was pulled closer to the monster, to me.   The skin looked as though it had melted away to reveal the muscles beneath.  Eyes popped open across its entire surface and three distinct faces had formed where my shoulders used to be.  The whole thing bent unnaturally and rocked with the pulsing of the light.

Everything seemed to be fading into blue as the electric liquid continued filling up the room.  I heard a distant sound.  Somewhere beyond the walls, a voice?  Static and the screech of feedback.

This transmission is coming to you.

the disorientation-sic-confusion of this interim state will pass in two cycles, please listen closely
you are in transit-repeat-rr 
you are in transition
your energy levels are being raised to conform 
with ontological wave crest-repeat-rr
with oncoming local spacetime paradigm shift
this transit may manifest in current spacetime
as dysphoria confusion anger rejection judgment despair sorrow anxiety fear
allow for compensation-sic-adjustment
allow for download-sic-upgrade

please listen closely
The pulse of elevation is a frequency-repeat-rr
the pulse of revelation is a frequency
ascendancy illness / sickness / symptoms
will pass in two cycles
you are modulating-repeat-rr
you are becoming
you are in transition
this is the waveforming-repeat-rr
this is the beginning-repeat-rr
you are beginning

this transmission is coming to you

The voice faded like bees flying away.  The liquid light had nearly filled the room.  I could no longer see my body, but I felt myself moving toward it.  An agonized face screamed at me through the bright haze.  I woke in a sweat, the morning sunlight pouring across my bed.


Recommended Listening:
The Geometry
from Translucent Communion

Although I usually do not add recommended listening to the Featured Creatures, this one seemed appropriate.

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