Wednesday, March 06, 2013

From the Archives: An Origin of Grahtennas

Here is an earlier drawing of the Arch Duke  Grahtennas.  At the time I drew this piece,  Grahtennas had a vastly different appearance and aspect.  He was more of a toad like goblin than an actual demon, but even then he was a type of royalty.  This is the second drawing I created of him.
The first piece I drew involving Grahtennas was a larger bust portrait drawn in prismacolor.  The other piece was destroyed as part of a releasing ritual to help rid myself of some past issues that were haunting me.  Grahtennas was a symbol of those issues and burning him in effigy seemed a reasonable release at the  time.  For history's sake, I do regret burning the piece.  However, Grahtennas has returned and now there is an interesting history to tell.  Grahtennas' burning and return figure prominently in a fiction I am developing.
{Sharpie and other pens}

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