Monday, April 22, 2013

New Abstract: Gift of the Red Angel

During February and March I was doing a good bit of work with the Geburah sphere of the Kabbalah and this image is one of the results of those studies.  This may even be yet another image of Khamael.

Looking back, it may also have been some of that work with Geburah that caused the disruption in my life at the end of March.  However, looking at it all from the post storm end of things, the disruption  was totally worth it!  I feel that out of that storm emerged an understanding I have been seeking for some time.  I feel like I finally got a reply from the Universe to all my cries of "Why?!" and a clear answer as to the steps I need to take next.  I just had to lose my mind for a week or so...Okay. 

I am still moving very slowly though.  I find myself looking suspiciously at my optimism and checking myself as I move forward.  As rewarding and cleansing as that stress level was, I REALLY do not want to go back there anytime soon.  I feel like I've been climbing in altitude in an airplane for three weeks with the pressure increasing and my ears finally popped.  I think I'm going to keep my feet on the ground for a bit and savor the lack of pressure while I can.

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