Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Featured Creature: Slave of Vz

Following is one of the 911 call records from the Santee 57 Incident that occurred the evening of May 1st, 2012 at 9:12PM EST:

"Dispatcher:  911 Where is your emergency?

Male Caller: There's been an accident!

Dispatcher:  What's your location Sir?

Male Caller:  I'm at the Santee 57 Motel.  A woman just crashed her suburban into the side of the motel.  She was thrown out, She's lying face down.

Dispatcher:  Can you tell me where she is wounded?

Male Caller:  Wait . Uhm - she's gettin up.  She's smiling - I think she's drunk or something.  Oh man.  She's stumbling around.  She's all messed up -

Dispatcher:  Sir I need you to keep her from moving -

Male Caller:  There's a trucker here too he's trying to get her to sit down.  She leaning up against the wall.  Uhm - She's not right.  There's something wrong with her.  

Dispatcher:  Can you see where she is wounded sir?

Male Caller:  Her hands, she - she's got black stuff all over her.  It looks like oil or something.  She's sick or something.  Oh my God...there's uh, there's stuff growin' outta her skin!

Dispatcher:  Sir please keep her from moving, I've got EMS on the way.

Other Male Voice:  (garbled) -ey lady you need to...HEY!


Male Caller:   -OHMYGOD!  She's freaking out!  She just grabbed him.  They're fighting man.  

Dispatcher:  Sir!  Sir!

Male Caller:  (garbled) He just clocked her!  She's -

(wet spraying sounds)

(man screaming)

Dispatcher:  Sir!  Sir!  I need you to calm down and tell me what is happening.

Male Caller:   WHAT THE HELL!  She -

(Wet spraying noise)


(Gurgling / wheezing noises)

Dispatcher:  Sir!  Sir!  I need you to tell me what is happening!

Male Caller:   She just puked black stuff all over him.  HOLY SHIT!  HOLY SHIT!  OHMYGOD!

(heavy breathing) 

Male Caller:   He's down!  HE'S DOWN!  HIS FACE IS MELTIN OFF!

(heavy breathing)
Male Caller:   OHMYGOD!!!



(Wet spraying Sounds)


Male Caller:  NO NO NO NO NO

(Heavy Breathing)


(Keys rattling)

(Keys on Pavement)


(Keys rattling)

Male Caller:  Fuck Fuck Fuck

(The following portions spoken by the woman were transcribed to the nearest phonetic estimation.  Matches to known languages have not been found at this time.)

Woman:  (Deep Voice, Chanting)
Vinproky dayetsyav kozhnomu zenas! Vin prykhodyt!
Vinproky dayetsyav kozhnomu zenas! Vin prykhodyt! 

Male Caller:  cmon cmon cmon

(keys rattling)

Woman:  (Louder) Vin prykhodyt!  Svyatynya Vz , ya staty svyatym. Velyky vyttya nazavzhdy.

(Car door slams)

(doors locking)

(keys rattling)

Dispatcher:  Sir, Are you safe?  Sir?

(Car ignition trying to turn over)

Male Caller:  Come on Come on Come on -

(Thump on car window)


(Car ignition trying to turn over)


Woman:  (louder):  Prydit do Mene Vz povynni potsiluvaty teb!

(Car Starting)

(Car window breaking)


(Wet spraying noises)


(Car horn)


(Car horn continues)

(Car horn stops) 

Woman: (faint chanting) Vin prykhodyt!  Vin prykhodyt!  Vin prykhodyt!

(Wet Noises)

(Car idling)


(Call ends)" 

{Sharpie and Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen with color added in Adobe Photoshop}

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