Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From the Archives: The Phalman

"Androgynous but with a high level of brute strength, the Phalman is a savage and dangerous entity.  No one knows exactly where it came from or if its species is other than human.  Some speculate that it is a demon in the form of a man, others say that is like a werewolf but in a perpetual state of madness and savagery."

I drew this creature to be part of a larger comic book world I was creating long ago involving vampires as the primary antagonists and protagonists, but the creature itself is not vampiric.  In one scene I wrote, two men look directly into the eyes of the Phalman and go mad with fear.  I never did decided exactly what was going on here, but I knew that this thing left behind a bloody trail wherever it traveled.

I enjoy the hair design, but I've always enjoyed a good hair stripe.  Hmph...maybe I'll have to reinvestigate this idea for the Featured Creature.  I never did do a full figure piece of this creature.

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