Thursday, May 23, 2013

Infozombie Podcast: Skin Crawling Comics

Here is an excellent podcast from Infozombie where Carl Boehm, Paul Chapman, Rachel Pandich chat about Skin Crawling Comics and publishing in general.  Check Out Carl at Infozombie and Paul at  The Greatest Movie Ever! Podcast and The Silicon Chickens Project.

As I type this, I've finished coloring all the pages for Buried and I'm working on the title page.  I'll be finished with everything, hopefully, tomorrow.  However, keep watching this space.  I will be posting new and interesting Skin Crawling bits as I discover them.  :-)

The Buried team:

Bryant Dillon - Writer          Chris Thorne - Artist
Adam Wollet - Letterer
Rachel Pandich - Editor          Gerald Rathkolb - Editor

More on Skin Crawling Comics on the web

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