Thursday, May 30, 2013

Skin Crawling Comics Update 05.30.13

I finished the colors for "Buried" for the Skin Crawling Comics anthology earlier this week.  I must say it has been excellent experience.  Everyone has been super supportive of my endless questions and they genuinely seem to like my work.

This has been a bit of a revelation for me concerning being a colorist for comics.  It's an aspect of comic book work that I've only dipped my toes in this year.  It seems to be ideally suited to my point of view and approach to art.  Coloring requires one of my favorite tools, Photoshop, and the essence of it, mixing color, is something I do for recreation.  I'd never considered it before as an entry point into comics.  Who knew.  I've loved every minute! 

Enough about me though, here is another recent interview on FanboyComics about Skin Crawling Comics with Gerald Rathkolb and Danielle Gransaull for their story "The Night Market".  See more Gerald's work at Anime World Order Podcast  and more of Danielle's work at Life With Death.

The Buried team:

Bryant Dillon - Writer
Chris Thorne - Artist
Adam Wollet - Letterer
Rachel Pandich - Editor
Gerald Rathkolb - Editor

More on Skin Crawling Comics on the web

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