Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Featured Creature: Chaska of the Chaldean Abyss

Excerpt from Liam Hofstadter's report for the Department of Extranormal Phenomena (DEP), Superhuman and Supernatural Threats in the New Millennium:

"The Vykhrova Prirvu is a magickal container said to contain a portal to the whirling abyss.  Highly prized within the occult community, it grants its bearer a variety of powerful effects.  Adept mages use these containers to absorb spells cast at them by opposing wizards.  Any mage in possession of such an item is said to be nearly unstoppable.  The spells for creating such an artifact are complex and costly, but the gain to the bearer is by far worth the effort as the magus becomes impervious to magickal attack.

There are six of these containers known to modern history and a score known to archaic records.  The Ark of the Covenant is thought to be one such artifact.  The most ancient historical record of a Vykhrova Prirvu is the Chaska of the Chaldean Abyss.  Myth claims it to be the first and to be blessed with the blood of primordial Tiamat.

It is said that anyone looking into a Vykhrova Prirvu loses his soul to the whirling abyss.  Such are the powers of these containers that no one has dared to destroy any of them for fear of unleashing the abyss they contain onto the earthly plane.  Often they are locked away for protection and in several instances, buried, ostensibly for eternity."
{Sharpie and Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}

This month's Featured Creatures are all objects of mystery and power from the worlds of the Featured Creature.

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