Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Featured Creature: The Maltus Incident

Excerpted from Dr. Liam Hofstadter's report to the Department of Extranormal Phenomena concerning the Maltus Incident :

At approximately 1300 hours Pacific time, The USS Peregrine with full compliment was en route from Hawaii towards the International Dateline.  The Peregrine's mission was to locate and intercept any remains of the fallen Maltus satellite.  The Maltus was a remote NASA experimental satellite with the mandate of testing of drug combination and manufacture in zero gravity.  Once located, the remains of the Maltus were to be recovered by the USS Santa Fe, also en route to the location when the incident occurred.

Two days previous on February 15th at 300 hours, the Maltus suffered catastrophic failure of its communication and navigation systems.  Two minutes before the failure, sensor records indicated a malfunction of the port solar panel array and heat damage to the interior containment structure.  Given the Maltus' location at the time of disruption, navigation estimated the crash zone to be south of the Hawaii and just inside the International Dateline.  Projections indicated that the debris would miss all land targets, but a public alert warning was issued to all area island residents.

The USS Peregrine was in radio contact as of 1400 hours when the incident occurred.  The Peregrine had just entered the debris trail of the Maltus and had active sonar contact with the main body of the satellite. 

At 1405, the communications officer, lieutenant Hadley, begins to show signs of disorientation.  His breathing becomes audibly heavier and in between communications, he deviates wildly from protocol.  He mentions a strange metallic smell and an itching sensation in his face.  From this point until the end of recording, all attempts to maintain audio protocol with Lt. Hadley fail.

At 1415, Hadley's speech begins to slur and his response time decreases dramatically.  Long pauses accompany each of his replies to questions.

At 1416 Satellite imaging indicates gunfire on deck.  Later forensic investigation revealed that this was the crew of Peregrine firing on each other.  At this time, a high pitched intermittent static is heard from Lt. Hadley's microphone and continues through the rest of the recorded communication.  Audio forensic analysis indicates the noise is some form of transmission originating at the Peregrines location.  The crystalline structures later recovered from the Peregrine were discovered to be the source of the transmissions.

At 1418, Lt. Hadley ceases intelligible communication and begins yelling gibberish into his microphone.

At 1420 shouting and repeated gunfire is heard.

At 1421, satellite images at this time indicate a substantial explosion near the bow of the Peregrine.  Forensics of the remaining audio from Lt. Hadley's microphone corroborate.

At 1423 Lt. Hadley's microphone ceases transmission and all contact with the Peregrine is lost.   Satellite images indicate that at this time the crew were amassing on the bridge and the primary flight control tower as well as on top of the main dish.

Satellite images show that the Peregrine remained on course for the next 15 minutes before ceasing forward motion.  By 1431, it was evident that the Peregrine was no longer operating under its own volition.

The USS Peregrine was declared quarantined and USS Santa Fe was ordered to hold position until containment protocols could be established.


The bodies of the Peregrine's crew were found amassed atop the flight tower and subsumed within an unknown crystalline material.  Forsenic analysis of the crystals is delayed until more stringent containment protocols can be developed (see accompanying files for USS Santa Fe Recovery incident and Martin Laboratory incident).  Due to the ongoing contagion issues, the Peregrine remains in situ at the quarantine location.  The remains of all the Peregrine's crew were discovered to contain a previously unknown microbial parasite. 
At the time of this report, the main body of the Maltus satellite has not been recovered and remains lost at sea.
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