Saturday, December 07, 2013

Saturday Sketch: Classic Morbius, the Living Vampire

Welcome to the Zombie Bites Saturday Sketch!

The Saturday Sketch is a way for me to familiarize myself with and practice drawing popular dark characters from different genres.  I'll be focusing primarily on superhero universes that involve dark, occult, or magical characters.  However, I think over time the subjects may bleed over into other fictional works with dark or supernatural aspects. 

To double the challenge, I'm giving myself very little time to finish each piece.  I'm not allowing myself to work on each piece longer than a single sitting, about two to four hours.  The goals for me are speed and veracity of representation.

Much of the work of the Saturday Sketches will be digital, but I'm sure over time the occasional hand drawn sketch will work its way in.  I'll be doing multiple renditions of each character to address their stylistic and costume changes throughout their individual histories.  The Saturday Sketches will be infrequent, but I'll do my best to keep them weekly.

This week we have classic Morbius, the Living Vampire from Marvel Comics.  I've always been fond of ridiculously high collars on super characters despite their impracticality.  When I was young I was always disturbed by Morbius' over large eyes and bat like nose.

{2.5x3.5,  Created in  Adobe Photoshop}

I claim no copyright for the properties represented in the Saturday Sketches.  All copyrights and trademarks are retained by their respective owners.  I make no money from what I am presenting here.  It is presented for portfolio purposes only. 

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