Wednesday, January 01, 2014

From the Archives: Zombie Meat King Sketch

A preparatory graphite sketch for a color zombie image from long ago. 

{8.5x11, Graphite}


Eddie said...

I've always loved the liberal use of blood from Meat King. You must've brought it up before because I definitely have a clear memory of it from more recently than 2005.

Also, LOVE what you did with the new banner advertising my site! Mind if I yoink it and offering to the masses when I get around to it

Jesse Campbell said...

I come back to the Meat King a lot. I feel like I got a lot of things right with that one...except the color actually. That'll be reappearing in Exhumed eventually. I think I posted some other development sketches of that one at some point. I can't remember.

On the Fuzzy Skeletonian banner - Thank you and Of Course! I've been meaning to update that for some time. If you need a higher rez version than what is in the side bar let me know. :-)

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