Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Featured Creature: In the Fields

"Its arms rose and fell like a carnival ride as it moved around the fields.  It twisted back on itself like a slow moving tornado.  A thin cloud of dust danced behind it.  There was a whining noise coming from the thing, like the howl of wind inside a drafty house.  It was covered in baleful red eyes and no matter where I walked they seemed to always face towards me.

It glided about casually, reaching out with its many tentacled arms.  Everywhere it touched, the plants shriveled and mutated into monstrosities.  The farmer tried to stop it.  He shot it several times with his shotgun but it simply reached out with one of its arms and pulled him into itself.  His scream became horribly garbled and then he was just gone, ground up within the vortex of the thing's twisting body."

{8x5.33,  Created in Adobe Photoshop

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