Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From the Archives: Host of the Dead

This piece was part of the development for the Night of the Cauldron event, but it never become more than this interesting sketch of lurking spirits.  I wanted some kind of fantastic fiction to go with it, but nothing ever developed.  I really enjoy the ominous feeling here.  I may still make a story from it eventually.

{8x5.33,  created in Adobe Photoshop}


Eddie said...

RETURN OF THE CAULDRON!! Starring Christopher Lee as The Reaper. Aw yeah!

Seriously though, this is amazingly creepy. You can almost hear the story writing itself as your eyes "read the image" top to bottom, back to front. It's a shame this ended up "on the cutting room floor" so to speak. Now that I think more about it though, this might've worked for chapter III, Ghosts of the Tree? Dunno, might've overpowered the whole scene.

Jesse Campbell said...

LOL - I wish Christopher Lee would play the Reaper! Now I can ONLY hear his voice coming out of the giant skull faced tree! :-)

The creep factor with this piece is why I hung on to this one for so long before posting it to From the Archives. This piece was created at the very beginning before the thrust of the plot was complete. At the point I created this, I don't think the Cauldron was even part of the plot yet.

I still feel a story percolating within their somewhere. We'll see what develops. Something horrible I'm sure. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

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