Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Featured Creature: The Moonlight Calls It Forth

"We entered the graveyard in the hour after midnight and it was not long before we saw the thing.  We noticed a figure moving oddly in the shadow of a tall tree.  As we walked closer, the horror that had been a man emerged into the full light of the moon.

Its putrescence was obvious as it staggered slowly towards us.  The rancid odor coming off the thing poisoned the very air.  I covered my mouth with the neck of my shirt to keep from retching.

The indications from the tome had been clear: to end the curse the head must be cleanly severed and the creature's body burnt.  We brandished our shovels and quickly divorced the dripping monstrosity from its skull.  

There was little time, however, to enjoy our achievement.  We turned back to back as a chorus of guttural moans rose all around us.  The abomination had not risen from its sepulcher alone."

{8x5.33,  Created in Adobe Photoshop}

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