Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Countdown to SPARTANCCON

This coming Saturday, May 10th, I will be showing in the Artist's Alley at SPARTANCON. The con will held in downtown Spartanburg at the Main Branch of the library.  Please check out the link for more info.  I only just found out about Spartancon this past week and I was lucky that they still had space available in their artists alley.  I've been rushing about trying to get everything together in time.

At the con, I'll be debuting an upcoming project and doing sketches as well as offering free "zombie bite" sketches.  The rest of this week, and for those too far away to attend, I'm going to post the display designs I've put together for the show.  Below are the Zombie Bites promotional flyers I've made for the occasion.  Most of what I am posting is previous art that has been freshly redesigned for flyers and what not, but I'll also be posting several pieces of new work.  Check back  to see what's new and check out the links below for more info about the con.

{4.25 x 5.5,  designed in Adobe Photoshop}

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