Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Featured Creature: In The Cities

"In the cities, the effects of the plague were much worse.  Within the massive populations of larger cities, the infection spread almost overnight.  The newly dead, enclosed within the complex networks of city infrastructures, were restricted to close quarters and did not disburse into smaller groups as in rural areas.

It was common to find subway stations or entire city blocks choked with the living dead.  With most streets blocked by damaged and abandoned vehicles, the infected had no method of egress.  In the first days of the plague, these choke points quickly became stockades of the undead and woe to any survivor who happened upon them by accident.

It was clear to anyone still alive after those first horrific days.  The cities of man had been lost.  They belonged to the dead now."    

{8x5.33,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

UPDATE 011515:

A version of this piece is now available as a Tshirt at my Neatoshop.  Drop by and check it out!  

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