Wednesday, May 07, 2014

From the Archives: What the Owl Said...

I know the text piece here is a bit on the nose, but both these pieces were in my sketchbook from the same time period and I felt they needed to appear together.  At the time I was working at (then) Kinko's copies running a machine called a Docutech.  It had an image manipulation software for document clean up that I occasionally found interesting imagery with.  The word above was one such incidence.  So I enlarged it and printed out a copy.  

I've always been attracted to owls.  They are quite the strange and wonderful birds.  Late one night, when I was in college, a large great horned owl swooped down just inches above my head.  I was terrified and amazed.  I've always found the mating calls of a great horned in the middle of the night are mysterious and beautiful.

{Graphite and Xerox reconstruction}

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