Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Featured Creature: The Waverly House

"The Waverly house has been abandoned for well over ten years.  Every spring, the property used to be covered with brightly colored flowers, but after the Waverly family disappeared, it grew thick with wild grass and tall weeds.  Over the years several real estate companies have tried to sell the property, but as soon as any of them toured the house they changed their minds mighty quick.  Eventually, the Waverly house was condemned by the city.

The summer that the Waverlies disappeared saw some of the worst storms on record in Colby county.  One night, lightning struck the tall oak at the back of the property.  That same night, the youngest child, Nathaniel, died suddenly.  A tornado had ripped up the northern part of the county as little Nathaniel was breathing his last.  The coroner's report listed that Nathaniel died of crib death, but anyone who has seen the Waverly house at night knows otherwise.  Something bad come down out of that storm and took root.  That house ain't been right ever since.

After the night of that storm, the whole neighborhood 'round the Waverly house has had trouble with their electricity.  Even though the power company replaced most of the lines in that area, blackouts are a regular thing.  In recent years, it has become so common a thing for cats and dogs to disappear in that neighborhood that most folks make sure their children are inside with doors locked well before sundown.

No one was ever sure exactly what happened to the Waverlies.  It was shortly after Nathaniel died that they all disappeared.  Everyone assumed they had moved out of state, but their old truck remained in the driveway with flat tires for almost a year before it was finally towed away.  Everybody says that feral cats took up residence in the house, but them shadows that move 'round the Waverly house at night ain't no cats."

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