Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Featured Creature: The Syl'udet

Excerpted from Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils:

"The Syl'udet are a common race of parasitic demons.  Within the confines of Hell they are as prolific as rats in urban sewers.  Most humans will have contact with these dread pests at least once in their lifetimes.

Within the earth plane, the Syl'udet generally cannot be seen by the mundane eye.  They are visible briefly during twilight times and then only by those who are sensitive or psychic.  However, there are many occult devices that do allow a mundane viewer to perceive these creatures.  In two separate recorded incidents, Syl'udet have been perceived using Sheridan's Visor as well as a Veil of the Mudra.

The Syl'udet prefer to nest in high enclosed spaces.  From these elevated lairs they plunge down upon unwary passersby.  They will attach themselves to the crown chakra of the host and begin digging in with their toothy maws.  An attack by one of these monsters manifests as severe emotional dysphoria and unmanageable emotional intensity.  Most individual spiritual auras are robust enough to fight off the soul sucker but some individuals, weakened by certain circumstances, become hosts to these pernicious beasties.

Once a Syl'udet attaches itself, the parasite exhibits increasing control of the host body's emotional state. Over time it will incite anger, aggression, and violence as often as possible.  Many of these symptoms eventually take physical manifestation as violent abuse of others, alcoholism, liver disease, and eventually death.  If caught early enough, these parasites can be exorcised, but if left attached too long, removal of the demon will kill the host.

Elder Syl'udet grow a stinger extension on their forebodies that injects a harsh venom.  The creature will violently defend itself if it suspects that someone is attempting to remove it.  Multiple stings from these creatures can be lethal.  Though unsubstantiated, it is speculated that the stinger also injects Syl'udet larvae."

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