Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Sketch: Bronze Age Man-Wolf

The Man-Wolf first appeared as a villain / supporting character in Amazing Spider-man, but went on to appear on his on in Creatures on the Loose and Marvel Premiere.  I haven't read many stories with Man-Wolf in them, but I love Marvel creatures and werewolves in general, so here we are.  I had a really difficult time bringing this piece to completion.  I'm not sure what made Man-Wolf so difficult to draw but I'm glad he's all done.

{2.5x3.5,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

I claim no copyright for the properties represented in the Saturday Sketches.  All copyrights and trademarks are retained by their respective owners.  I make no money from what I am presenting here.  It is presented for portfolio and appreciation purposes only.

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