Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Featured Creature: Whisperers

Excerpted From Marge Hollander's Digest of Demons and Devils: 

"Whisperers are dire phantoms that will lead humans psychically and emotionally astray even unto death.  A Whisperer will seek out a victim that is already emotionally agitated or distraught and begin to misdirect their emotions towards the goals of the Whisperer.  It is unknown exactly how the phantoms control their victims, but those who have survived the persuasions of these demonic ghosts claim to have heard whispering voices and to have encountered vaporous apparitions.

Once a Whisperer has attached itself to a chosen victim, it will begin to incite disorientation and delusion.  Paranoia, mental confusion, severe depression, and dementia are associated with the affliction of a Whisperer.  The similarity of these symptoms to known mental illnesses prohibits accurately diagnosing the attack of a Whisperer.  The goal of the Whisperer often seems to force the victim to come to rely upon only the subtle and insidious advice of the demon phantom.  The ensuing state of emotional malaise, paranoiac isolation, and physical torpidity allows the Whisperer to siphon the energies of the victim at it leisure.  

Whisperers often attach themselves to a single location such as a building, a cemetery, or a section of forest or road.  It is best to remove the afflicted from the property where the Whisperer resides as quickly as possible, even if coercion is required.  Left to the devices of a Whisperer, the afflicted will surely find a way to take their own life.  If threatened, a Whisperer will bring about the death of their chosen victim rather than allowing them to escape.  The worst recorded case of Whisperer activity occurred at the Myers Sanatorium in 1922.  Nearly two hundred patients at the facility were afflicted.

A Whisperer cannot abide the smoke from burning cleansing incenses.  Herbs and resins such as Rosemary, Sage, and Frankincense will temporarily drive the Whisperer away, but a more thorough banishing is required to completely eliminate these vampiric shades. There are multiple incidences of Whisperers being banished by simple banishing and cleansing rituals.  However, if the connection between the victim and the Whisperer is advanced enough, a full exorcism may be required."

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