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Murder in the Maze Part V: The Legend of The Maze Part I

I'm going to ask for a final indulgence from you for this last of bit of maze history.  I thought initially that the following would be one post,  but I forgot that the Legend was so long...four parts in fact.  What follows is a good bit of text and I apologize for it's quality, but I intentionally did not edit it as I wanted it to appear as it did on the maze website.  Please forgive my poor writing, but I do hope you enjoy the story.

At the time I wrote this it seemed like Christmas got a new story attached to it every year, but Halloween was greatly neglected.  I was always fond of the legend of Sleepy Hollow growing up and I will be the first to admit the many elements stolen from that classic tale.  Our goal for throwing all of the Halloween parties in the first place and building the maze was to celebrate the holiday we'd loved so dearly as children, that night of magic and pageantry, the wall thinned world of spirits and legends: All Hallow's Eve.  I wanted the legend to have strange rural legend quality and that creepy edge of dark magic.  Of course it is set on Halloween, of course there is a murder, it is after all...



Many Seasons past...
In a distant valley, there was a quiet village known as Valleydown.
Each year the townsfolk held a Harvest celebration.
Rivaled by none, all of the people from the neighboring towns attended.
The bonfire they raised each night could be seen from miles away,
and their revelry could be heard echoing off the mountainsides
late into the night.
One year, a stranger came to Valleydown.
He observed the festivities tentatively,
But refrained from participating in the merrymaking.
His furtive glances and moody air inspired suspicion in the Townsfolk,
but as the day progressed, a young maiden, Jessica, took a fancy to the stranger.
She decided then that he would be her partner in the evenings dance,
And set about a plan to coax him into obliging.
She came to him with a sparkling ale and offered to sit with him...
He was reluctant at first, but her insistent entreaties
and her fiery hair soon got the better of him.
"My name is Jack," he said shyly.
"This is your first time at the festival?" she smiled and sat closer to him.
"Yes, Its all very...Lively."
He took a drink of the Ale and looked away nervously.
"It's almost sunset.  There'll be a dance at the bonfire soon.
That's where I'm going, would you like to join me?"
The drink was very heady and made his face feel warm.
"Perhaps."  He turned towards her,
caught suddenly by the green of her large eyes.
"I hope I can find a partner for the revels.
Perhaps some handsome gentleman will ask me to dance..."
She smiled and looked away coyly.
"Perhaps..." He smiled, and took another drink.
By the time his glass was finished,
he was following her to the Bonfire.
Jessica, however, was not without a suitor.
Thom, the stout young farmer to whom she was betrothed,
did not take kindly to Jack's unknowing intrusion.

To Be Continued...

The two pieces of art presented here are some more headers from the previously mentioned Maze website:

{created in Photoshop}

More Maze History and Art:

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