Monday, September 17, 2012

The Voidchild

The voidchild is the preeminent development in gentech worker fabrication for the new millennium!  The gentech encoded into the voidchild's DNA matrix will allow complete bureaucratic control of all higher brain functions within the voidchild unit.  No need to worry about distractions from job quotas or insubordinate behavior anymore!

At the point of release the voidchild will grow directly into the behavior control harness within the housing unit without the fuss of a costly human gestation period.  No need for disruptive and expensive hospital leave time for pregnancy and recovery! With the unit grown in house and encoded DNA subservience, you bypass the costly developmental stages of worker units (see infancy) and production challenging rebellious tendencies common with all hormone imbalance time frames (see teenagers).

Hundreds of voidchild worker drones are just days away with new gentech cloning milk!  Pour the cloning milk into the housing unit and bake overnight.  No more annoying workers rights or pesky wage negotiations, and you can just throw the voidchild away when your job is complete and the control harness will self destruct, melting the remains into a completely deniable toxic soup that will disappear into the soil with no one the wiser.

Order voidchild today!

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Vincent said...

I truly admire the hardcore bitterness of the American workplace here. I couldn't agree more nor could I have expressed it better myself! Well played, good sir!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Job hunting for the past year and half has not endeared me to corporate America. After my 25th 'aptitude survey' I've begun to believe I may never fit the corporate 'mold'. I guess that is why I'm pushing the hell out of this blog. I may not believe in the bullshit that corporate America is spouting, but I do believe that darkness is walking the land.

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