Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Featured Creature: Female Zombie

Ah, Lay's potato chips and zombies:  You can't have just one.  Hot on the heels (so to speak) of the crawler from last week we have a female zombie shambling from the darkness and into light.  The outbreak is underway!

Making the background black on this one really gave me that creepy feeling you get when standing near a bright light source late at night and suddenly someone or something emerges from the darkness.

{Sharpie and Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Very nice. The tight skin and shriveled intact flesh reminds me of the drawing I recall from an old AD&D monster manual of what was called a Ju-Ju Zombie. If I remember correctly, it was a zombie created by a particularly heinous and powerful necromancer who, after capturing a high-level adventurer, would cast Drain Life Levels on them until their level reached zero. At this point they would become a Ju-Ju Zombie who would not only be under the necromancer's control but would also retain all the skills and abilities they had during life!

Meeeuurrgh, still creeps me out just to think about it :-/

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I was always creeped out by anything drawn by Erol Otus. He was one my favorites from the early years of D&D. As creepy undead monsters go, I was most upset by the Pennanggalan from the Fiend Folio. Actually, I was most upset by all the monsters in the Fiend Folio, but that one mostly. :-)

Looking at all the artwork from that time period, I realize now that much of my black and white comic book work is influenced by the look and feel of the artwork from those TSR D&D books. I still have the two percentile dice that came with my first basic D&D box set. Ah, sweet RPG memories.

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