Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From the Archives: Environments

Backgrounds have never been my strong suite.  Every now and again I try to spend some extra time exploring environmental spaces to increase my proficiency.  Here we have a couple of sketches of some dark spaces.  I had it in my mind to do a series of pieces focused on moody and/or creepy environments.  The idea never really became more than these two sketches, but I feel like it informed some of the feeling of later pieces.


Gabriel said...

I've always been more into character drawing, but the importance of backgrounds and environments is undeniable.
There's this famous independent comic book called Cerebus the Aardvark. It's creator got a guy just to do the backgrounds which became a fundamental element to the comic.
my curiosity around backgrounds has just sparked. lol

Jesse Campbell said...

I am familiar with Cerebus. I'd love to be that successful in terms of just volume and staying power...and then there's his level of influence. It's like Jack Kirby, you HAVE to respect a body of work that size.

Yay on the sparked curiosity for backgrounds! :-D I have to rewind on occasion and make sure I'm involving them within my drawing work. I think if I treated them more like another figure within whatever piece I'm working on a the time, I'd have more luck with them. It's always evolving. I'd just like to feel like I get it more often than not. Until then I keep working at it.

The only time where I feel like I GOT IT with backgrounds...of course it's a Zombie piece. I really hate the color job I did there. I need to post the black and whites of that piece at some point.

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