Monday, March 11, 2013

Tattoo: Man in the Moon

Drawn in 2001, here is a man in the moon image refurbished and toned for a tattoo design.  This piece was Originally posted on Trail of Breadcrumbs.  I removed the background for a cleaner more easily reproducible image.  When I was adding tones, I had initially given the image a cast of color, but upon reflection I chose to use only the black and white tones.  With only the black and white tones, if anyone wanted to add color later a variety of color choices could be made.  With each of the Tattoo images I am posting this week, I'm including the original line drawing so that tones or color can be addressed separately from line work in the tattoo process, if necessary.

{Pen and Ink with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}

March 14th-17th 2013, Asheville, North Carolina will be celebrating it's Second Annual Tattoo Festival.  In honor of the celebration, from March 11th through the 17th I'll be posting a tattoo design each day.  If you see anything here you would like to use as a tattoo, please feel free.  If you do end up using something, please send me a pic of the finished tat so I can see what it looks like on the flesh. :-)

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