Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out of the Chaos of April: Skin Crawling Comics

Within the turbulent chaos of the month of April, I was very lucky to have a shiny happy moment come to me.  There were two actually, but you've already heard about my lifesaving laptop.  My other bright spot is that I recently have joined the ranks of creators involved in the Skin Crawling Comics horror anthology.

I feel very lucky to be a part of this book. When I found the blurbs for Skin Crawling, I thought I'd missed my chance to participate, but when I contacted Rachel Pandich, she informed me that there were still coloring to be done for the book.  After a short set of playing email tag with bits of my portfolio smack in the middle my computer crashed. So I spent several weeks literally chewing the back of my hand in frustration, but it was meant to be.  My computer issues were resolved by a shiny new to me used laptop and I was able to say yes to Skin Crawling.  I'll be doing the coloring for a story entitled Buried.  I don't want to spoil anything before you see the finished product so I'll keep my mouth shut for now.  Suffice to say, watch this space and I'll keep you posted on Skin Crawling.  :-)

Here are some informative links about Skin Crawling:

Skin Crawling Press Release on Fanboy Comics

Rachel Pandich 

Interview about Skin Crawling on Fanboy Comics

Skin Crawling Facebook


Shannon said...

Awesome :-) and I got a new job!

Jesse Campbell said...

Thanks! :-) Where you working now?

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