Friday, October 18, 2013

Exhumed: Reexamining the Dead

This week I'm beginning one of the new features I mentioned previously in the Featured Creature Last Bites for 2012-2013.  With Exhumed posts, I'll be digging up older pieces and exploring them with fresh color and tones.  I'll be pulling from the backlog of images I've posted on Zombie Bites, ranging from older From the Archives posts to older Featured Creature posts.  Exhumed posts will focus mainly on the process of taking a drawn image and bringing it to the next level with tones and color.  The posts will be generally infrequent, but I'll try to keep them as regular as possible.  Exhumed will be appearing on Fridays.

To get things started, here is a quick zombie sketch from a previous From The Archives post.  I've reinvestigated the image with greyscale tones in Adobe Photoshop.  This little guy begged for a painterly style and some background texture.  The interplay between the original pencils and the textures I discovered while digging into the piece further inspired a growing stylistic change in my work.  Many of the images I'm preparing for Exhumed will explore this style further.

{5.19 x 6.393  Ball Point Pen with tones added in Adobe Photoshop}

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