Saturday, November 29, 2014

From the Archives: Ego

Here's a recent bit of disturbing Photoshop painting play.

{8x5.33,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

Skin Crawling Comics November Update

The Skin Crawling Comics website regularly posts pages to the individual stories of the anthology every Tuesday and Thursday.  I'll be doing an update at least once a month with links to the newest pages.  Drop by and check out the latest updates!

Hunger Pg. 5
Hunger Pg. 6
Hunger Pg. 7
Hunger Pg. 8
Hunger Pg. 9
Hunger Pg. 10
The Mother Road Pg. 1
The Mother Road Pg. 2

If you haven't already, check out last month's pages.  Also check out Skin Crawling Comics on Twitter and Facebook!

Saturday Sketch: Nicholai Apocaloff

Wrapping up my November werewolves is the serial killer mercenary, Nicholai Apocaloff from from Malibu Comics' Nightman.

{2.5x3.5,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

I claim no copyright for the properties represented in the Saturday Sketches.  All copyrights and trademarks are retained by their respective owners.  I make no money from what I am presenting here.  It is presented for portfolio and appreciation purposes only.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Psyche Delectus: Invisibles Day 2014

The light and warmth of summer has passed.  Chill winds blow outside.  The world is caked in ice, but a fire still burns within.  Though the dark half of the year is full upon us, there comes a day for rekindling the fire.  Each year on November 23rd I celebrate the re-ignition of failing light with a new piece of art dedicated to one of my favorite comic books series, The Invisibles.

On November 23rd, 1995 Grant Morrison involved the readers of his comic book series The Invisibles in a group act of sigil magick.  Check out the original letters page to see how the idea was initially presented.  Join me today in my annual celebration of The Invisibles Hypersigil!

Recommended Listening:

Previous Years:

{8x5.33,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

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