Sunday, January 26, 2014

Featured Creature: Reunion at the Merrimon Library Part I, Alan's Research

In light of my delay getting this one posted, I'm going to do a little something different this week.  In addition to the actual Featured Creature piece, I've created four other mood and setting pieces to go along with this story.  This way I can hold onto the creature reveal until the last possible post and in the meantime you get story and images at regular intervals.  I hope you enjoy the additional pieces.  On with the show!

Reunion at the 
Merrimon Library:
Part I, Alan's Research

Alan stood and stretched his arms high over his head then left and right in turn.  He had been sitting in the library for most of the day and his back had begun to hurt.  He moved away from the table and his stacks of books, papers, and notebooks.  Looking out the large windows facing Merrimon Avenue, he continued to stretch.  The sky had grown overcast in the last hour.  In the grey light, a couple of cars moved languidly down the street like giant dull colored beetles.

He would much rather be home reading and under a blanket with his cats nestled nearby, but there were several rare older texts from the historical section that he needed to reference in order to finish his work.  A snowstorm was moving in.  The forecast called for three to six inches by midnight.  He watched the thin leafless trees on the property opposite sway in the heavy wind.  Stretching again, he twisted at his waist to unlock the tension in his lower back.  Satisfied, he returned to his table.  The cold coming through the window had given him a bit of a chill.  He pulled his jacket on as he sat.

Alan enjoyed this corner of the library.  It stayed deserted except for the occasional visitor to the nearby restrooms.  The isolation allowed him to complete his work in relative quiet and obscurity.  He preferred to be free of curious eyes when he was performing his research.  He adjusted his papers and began copying notes again.

After several minutes a man passed, headed towards the restrooms.  Alan chuckled silently at the synchronicity.  The man wore a business coat and tan slacks.  After his passing, Alan could not release the thought that he somehow knew the man.  His manner and gate we exceedingly familiar.  He found himself intently staring into space and trying to figure where he'd met the man before.  Sparse snowflakes had begun to fall outside.  He watched as the harsh winds whipped them about in a frenzy.  When the man passed before him again, Alan finally recognized him.

"Timothy?"  The man stopped and gave a wide smile.

~ Continued in Part II ~

{8x8,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

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