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Featured Creature: Reunion at the Merrimon Library Part VII, The Rune of Banishment

Reunion at the 
Merrimon Library:
Part VII, 
The Rune of Banishment 

Alan quickly stacked the books again in the circle formation Tim had originally created.  The things behind the wall had begun emitting a sickening blue light that vibrated like the light from the jellyfish creatures but it gave him more than enough illumination to find Die Tür Des Bösen amongst the scattered volumes.  He frantically flipped the pages until he found the illustration with the banishing rune.  To draw the rune, Alan chose a spot on the wall adjacent to the bulging shapes.  He ran over the banishing ritual in his head adding the name of the rune, Eisott Mudulica.  He took a deep breath.

Just then the wall beside him bowed out about two feet.  It pulsed barely inches from from his face.  Thick drops of jelly dripped from it.  Alan's breath came in sharp short gasps.  As the wall stretched thin he could see a massive shape beyond , another creature like the others, but as large as a truck.  It pushed hard against the skin of the wall, but luckily the barrier held.  The monstrous shape on the other side retracted and the wall fell back into place.  However, the skin of the wall sagged slightly this time, like an empty balloon.

He held the book before him at waist height.  He called down the light to balance his energies.  He breathed in pure white light then turned slowly and called to the four directions to purify the circle.  Alan focused hard and made his breath as deep and as slow as he could.  Sweat poured down his back in cold rivulets.  The book shook in his hand.  He wished he had some blessed water or even salt to purify the circle, but using his blood for the rune would have to suffice.

Alan took another deep breath and brought his wounded hand to his mouth.  He closed his eyes, pressed his teeth against the ball of his palm and bit hard.  Luckily, the numbness enveloping his arm decreased the pain but a stinging weak feeling traveled quickly up to his shoulder.  Blood poured freely from the gash he'd created.  He pressed his bleeding hand to the wall and began to draw the rune.  

He moved his hand back and across, drawing the arcs of the rune.  He tried to keep the undulating shapes in his peripheral vision if he needed to move suddenly.  He drew as quickly as he could without creating any stray marks from splattering.  His hand shook the entire time.  Finally he made the last marks and compared the rune to the illustration.  It would have to do.  He felt dizzy and his arm ached.  He let the copy of Die Tür Des Bösen slide to the floor as he raised both hands and called to his patron Gods for assistance.

"Abrasax! Janus!
Revertimini ad abyssum, unde venerunt horum.
Eisott Mudulica
Claudite ostium
Eisott Mudulica!

As he yelled the final phrase of the ritual he turned to place his bloodied hand against the sagging wall, but a deep rumble shook the entire building and caused him to nearly fall backward.  The shapes beyond the wall flailed about and Alan heard a high pitched twittering.  Suddenly a bright light shown behind him, casting his shadow in hard contrast on the wall.  He heard a car horn blaring and loud thump then glass crashing.  Alan whipped around in time to see a large truck crashing through the plate glass windows and into the library.  It was headed right at him.



{8x8,  created in Adobe Photoshop}

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Eddie said...

Alan biting his hand and drawing the rune with his own blood is quite the metaphor for artistic creation! Not sure it's something I could've done in his place.

Also, even though you mentioned the concept of something being as big as a truck early in the chapter I was still surprised when the truck came crashing through the windows. Well done!

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