Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zombie Bites New Abstract: History Set III, Dionysus at Sunrise

Today is the eighth anniversary of my first posts on Zombie Bites.  Although for many of those years this blog has lain fallow in terms of posts, since 2011 there has been a maelstrom of activity.  I suppose that the past two years have been more about playing catch up and getting things up to speed, but there has also been a dramatic change in the attitude and direction of my art.

Originally this blog was called Zombie Victim.  I chose this title originally because my initial choice, Zombie Bites, was unavailable at the time.  Somewhere between then and now, Bites became available.  I don't remember the time frame exactly, but I snatched it up as quickly as I could.  No offense meant to whomever lost the title, I do appreciate your sacrifice and promise to keep the title warm and well to speak.

It certainly has been a long eight years.  This time has coincided with some of the hardest personal development of my life.  I wish I could say I was super grateful for all the character building hardship, but I'd be lying.  I'd go back to the comfort of ignorance if I could, but once you know something, you can't un-know it. I understand things now that I didn't before and I know I'm capable of surviving some things that I thought I couldn't, but the sting of having all my security ripped away doesn't really vanish because I understand things now.  In fact, that sting is what keeps the lesson in place.  I guess that's the point of Zombie Bites: once you're bitten, you can't go back.

Some days it bothers me, other days, not so much.  With each rotation of the wheel, I learn better ways to manage the pain.  I may not be adept at living a day to day life, but you have to admit that the suffering makes for some great art.  I may not have much else, but the art has always been.


The piece above went through several phases before Dionysus finally showed up to marry all the bits together.  It was actually a spontaneous photo of a hanging object in my studio space that sealed the essence of this piece.  The lighting in that photo translated with a very yellow cast and gave this piece the element it was missing.

Recommended Listening:
from Ai Ma Ra

The History Set pieces were created in celebration of the eighth year anniversary of my first posts on Zombie Bites on February 17th, 2005.  Each of the pieces in this set was created from a conglomeration of work previously posted on Zombie Bites over the 2012 year.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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Gabriel said...

Congrats on this 8th year! (8 years, wow)
I know what you mean about the hardships and here's to conquering them. I've still got quite a few to overcome myself. Life's always putting them in our way.
To whoever held it first, the blog title is definitely in good deft hands.
Keep up the great art!

Jesse Campbell said...

Thanks and Thanks! :-) I wish I could say I'd been blazing a trail for 8 years, but it's really only been that last two that have been productive. In those two years though, I feel like I've learned more about my art in relation to myself than in most of my previous years.

Things have gotten a little better since this post and I've had a few epiphanies about my life direction(s) that may make things easier for me in the future. We'll see...The wheel turns. I just get impatient.

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