Monday, February 18, 2013

Zombie Bites New Abstract: History Set IV, Border Guard

This piece has been particularly challenging to bring to any kind of completion.  It has gone through four distinct phases where I thought it was finished, yet each time when I moved to post it, it felt wrong or incomplete in some way.  Each time I went back and re-explored it until it felt finished again.  This is the most final it has felt thus far.

Even now I find difficulty in writing descriptive text for this piece.  It won't let me in.  That conflict may well be the essence of the piece.  It is rather confrontational.  The flaming entity within does seem a bit like a border guard standing before some graffiti covered wall.

This time though, I'm letting it lie.  The deadline has arrived and I no longer have the luxury or interest in further investigation with it.  With Saturn going retrograde today and Mercury sliding into retrograde on Friday I suppose I should have anticipated some complications.  I'm never quite sure how these transits will play out, especially when you have to retrogrades on top of each other.  They tend to amp up each others energy.

Recommended Listening:
from Echoes Ov Who Lieth Dead But Ever Dreameth

The History Set pieces were created in celebration of the eighth year anniversary of my first posts on Zombie Bites on February 17th, 2005.  Each of the pieces in this set was created from a conglomeration of work previously posted on Zombie Bites over the 2012 year.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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