Friday, September 20, 2013

Featured Creature 2012-13: Last Bites Part V, Winds of Change

The month of May brought a revelation of understanding and some small amount of peace of mind.  After surviving the trauma of March and April and finally getting things back up and running with my new laptop, I jumped back into the rhythm of production.  I sunk my teeth into the work of coloring the comic book story, Buried for the Skin Crawling Comics Anthology and began a path of learning that transformed me with each step I took.  

I have an annoying habit of not seeing the forest for the trees around me and with the work I was doing for Skin Crawling Comics, a branch finally whacked me on the forehead.  I love comic books.  I have focused much of my life working towards becoming a comic book penciller or writer or even a comic book inker.  I've done work in all of these areas.  I've never considered being a colorist.  I went to college for painting.  I studied theatre lighting.  Much of my abstract work is color play and texture.  With me standing knee deep in color and lighting, you'd think that this would be an obvious choice.  Weeellll, as always, the universe had to push me into a corner to show me what I needed.  I should be a colorist.  It makes perfect sense.  With that realization, a floodgate opened.

Like spring flowers, albeit creepy disturbing spring flowers, May overflowed with color.  Beginning with the Spawn of Vz, the Featured Creatures crossed the threshold into full color.  I had already planned out the Vz set of pieces for May, but with the addition of color, each piece was pushed to a new level of drama.  The next piece, the Prisoner of Vz, harkened back stylistically to earlier pieces of work.  The Vz set turned out to be very fruitful in style and substance as each piece hosted a solid fiction with it.  I chalk all this up to the enthusiasm I was experiencing with the revelation of color.

May was fairly uneventful other than that I was working hard on getting Buried completed while simultaneously embracing the idea of becoming a colorist as a career direction.  There was lots of work to do and a learning curve to master with the coloring, but overall the month was relatively free of any of the other disruptions I've come to expect from my life of late.  I carried on with the corruption of Vz in the Slave of Vz post, exploring more textures and some time of day lighting.

With fresh color pouring over the Featured Creature posts, I was taking a closer look at the FC gallery and realized that it was not very user friendly.  The posts were set up so that to view the most recent post you had to scroll through all the previous images.  I had planned further updates to the gallery at a later point, but I felt like with the arrival of color, the gallery needed a little something extra.  I flipped both the thumbnail gallery and the slideshow so that the most recent images would be at the beginning of each.  During this same time, the work on the Featured Creature gallery inspired me to create gallery for my abstract work, the Psyche Delectus Tenebrarum.

As the May drew to a close, I had finished the coloring for Buried for Skin Crawling Comics and wrapped up the the Vz set with a disturbing dream encounter with a Priest of Vz.  I was in a happy place, but it wouldn't last for very long.  June would present a new level of challenge that would disrupt my ability to move forward.  You would think I'd have gotten used to it, but I was surprised with disruption and nearly stopped in my tracks yet again.  I wasn't alone though.  By the end of June, the whole world was feeling it.  Looking back from September, it seems like the whole world has gone crazy in just a few short months.

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