Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Growing The Worlds of the Featured Creature

It's been awhile since I've felt like the Featured Creature images were only sketches.  The drawings and posts have mutated into something much larger than my original thought behind the project.  I feel silly calling them sketches anymore.

The production process for each piece has become quite involved, mirroring much of the process of creating a finished comic book page.  As becoming a comic book creator is one of my personal goals, I suppose unintentionally I've been moving in that direction all along.  So what does all this patter mean for the future of the Featured Creature?

I'll continue posting the Featured Creatures, but the posts will be taking a step up in status.  Over the past few months the creatures have taken on the tone of world building.  There is a much larger story developing behind the singular creatures that I'm discovering piecemeal and a complex and I hope more interesting tapestry is emerging.

I'll be making more changes soon to reflect the evolving landscape of my fictional work.  Those changes will impact the overall structure of the Featured Creature as well as the whole of Zombie Bites.  Some are changes of necessity and others are an evolution of existing processes. In the meantime, the pieces below are good examples of what I'll be working towards with the Featured Creature.

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